Why Lohia Corp

As the flagship company of Lohia Group, we are proud to be a “Made-In-India” success story and a truly global leader. The Lohia name has always been synonymous with a legacy of continuous innovation and quality, with 80-plus unique patents to our name. And we are even more proud to achieve this out of the city of Kanpur. With nearly 4 decades of experience in the segment, today we are the world’s largest producer of machinery in woven plastic industry, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing campus of 225,000 square meters supported by in-house R&D capabilities. We are building the future here not just for Lohia Corp but for India’s engineering technology industry.

  • Dinesh Boloor, Chief Sales Officer

    “We work differently. We do things quietly. Without too much show or drama. We are a 2000 crore company with 4000+ employees, exporting to 90+ countries. 

    So when people find out, we’re doing this out of Kanpur, and not, say, Mumbai or Delhi or Chennai, they go wow…. That’s amazing…I didn’t know that!"

  • Marcel Spekowius, Head of Electrical and Electronics, Lohia Corp Ltd. 

    “Research and Development is based on innovation which requires the creativity of every engineer. Here at LohiaCorp we have an environment which appreciates every new idea and which enables us to connect the ideas to create something great.”

  • Mahima Singh, HRD

    “The culture is highly meritocratic. Your performance determines your growth rather than your age, experience or academic tags. Fresh out of college, I couldn’t have imagined that one could gain the kind of exposure or learning that I’m experiencing here at Lohia Corp.”

  • Deepa Singh-Lead (HR)

    “Unlike other manufacturing organisations, here my gender doesn’t define my role or limit my growth. In fact, I’m fully supported to balance both my professional and personal responsibilities effectively.”

Employee Value Proposition